Sprint 5 - Prop Animation, Player AI Clean Up & AI Implementation


This blog will outline the tasks that was undertaken in sprint 5 and what was used in order to achieve this. This sprint I worked on the clean up of the player AI script, the prop animation script and the . This involved setting up attack freely, defend and hold fire for the Attacking Orders and setting up  move freely, engage and hold ground for the Movement Orders.


  • Player AI Clean Up:
    • This goal involved cleaning up the player AI code (e.g. refactoring).
  • Prop Animation:
    • This goal involved creating a prop animation script.
  • AI Implementation:
    • This goal involved getting all the AI components to work coherently together.


  • Keanu Brown-Duthie (Me) - All of the listed Goals
  • Benjamin Finlay - AI implementation
  • Barrett Ettel - AI implementation

Tools and Technology Used

  • Unity Documentation:
  • Trello:
    • Used to keep track of progress ( Trello )
  • Unity:
    • The game engine being used to develop the game ( Unity )
  • Sourcetree:
    • Used as the form of source control ( Sourcetree )
  • Other sites:
    • Used to to find useful links


This sprint I ended not using any resources as it was not necessary.

Issues and Risks

  • Time management

What we found out

During this sprint i found out how to use timers in an effective manner. This allowed me to implemented a complex timer system into the prop animation script that only relied on one main timer. The prop animation script utilises modulo (%) to figure out what part of the loop that the animation is sitting at and then uses that knowledge to decide what action to perform and the duration for.

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